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Blackjack Card Values

Blackjack Card Values

Most of the standard blackjack games have four decks of 52 cards in which each suit contains 13 cards each. The cards are printed with four different symbols by which the cards are divided in to four suits. Among the 52 cards, 16 cards have the value of 10 that consists of four tens, four Kings, four Queens and four Jacks. This means that about 30.7% cards can cause busting that has a hand value of more than 11. You have to consider this while playing online blackjack which is an important basic strategy in the game of blackjack.

Values of the cards

  1. Kings, Queens and Jacks are given the value of 10.
  2. The card that has numerical value has to be taken in its face value.
  3. The value of the ace is 1 or 11 and the value has to be decided by the player which will depend up on the value of the other cards.


♣ - clubs

♥ - hearts

♠ - spades

♦ - diamonds

Now-a-days, there is no importance to the suits except in some variations of the blackjack like Blackjack Bonus or Triple 7s. In some casinos, you can find special offers for suits.

Payouts in Blackjack

This game got the name blackjack from its old feature. Long back, the player will get an extra bonus when he has a hand with black ace of spades and black jack of spades. The amount of payouts will be decided by the casinos.

Understanding the values of the cards of blackjack is also an important strategy to be taken care of while learning the game.