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Free Blackjack

Free Blackjack

The game will be downloaded in to a new window which can be enlarged or changed in to full screen to play the game. After downloading the game, you have click on the start button and place your bets by clicking on the chips. Then you click on the deal and then make decisions on how to play.

How to play Blackjack

Blackjack is the popular card games in the world of internet which is also called as twenty-one 21, pontoon and vingt-et-un. The popularity of the game is due the mixture of luck, skills and making decision. Card counting also is important as the player can make the games toward their favor according to the decisions made on betting and strategy of cards that are being dealt with. Online casinos are strongly against card counting but only few players can make it successful as it is difficult to master the skill.

Card Values in Blackjack Game

In the card game of blackjack, the casino dealer will always play against the player. Each player has to aim not to get a total value above 21 for the cards. The card values are determined by their face value from 2 to 10 cards, the cards such as King, Queen and Jack have the value of 10 and ace has the value of 1 or 11 depending up on the choice of the player. When both player and dealer get the same value on hands, it is called as Push and the player will not win. After placing initial bets the dealer has to distribute the cards to each player.

He will provide two cards for each player that includes the dealer himself. Hidden card of the dealer is called "hole card" as other card of the dealer is visible. The player can deal with the cards either by facing up or down which depends up on the practice of the casino. Generally, the players have to deal with face up cards. When this point is reached, the player with a natural 21 card will be paid 3:2 instantly except in the case the dealer has a natural 21 card. All the players will lose the game if they do not have a natural card when the dealer is having a natural.

When the dealer does not have a natural card, then the dealer gives the option for getting more cards from him to each player which is known as a hit or the player can stand at his present total. The players are eligible for more cards until he is busted or satisfied with his cards. The player will lose the bet when busting happens to him. The dealer will reveal the 'hole' card only after all players have taken the decisions on drawing any extra cards. The dealer will continue to draw cards until he reaches a total equal to or more than 17, if he has the value less than 17. All the players will win the game, if dealer is busted.

Natural 21 is an important card in the game of blackjack as it will decide the win and loss of both the dealer and players.