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Pontoon Blackjack

Pontoon Blackjack Game

Each deck of Pontoon consists of 48 cards and the game uses Spanish decks of 48 cards. Pontoon blackajck game rules rules are similar all around Australia and the rules are as follows:

Fixed Rules

  1. Dealer stands on soft 17.
  2. After splitting, doubling is allowed.
  3. Hole card should not be used by the dealer.
  4. Only on numbers 9-11 doubling is allowed. Ace will be counted as 1 when the player has to double a soft hand.
  5. Late surrender is possible for the player. When the up card of the dealer turns out to be ace or ten, on the bet of the player you can find "surrender" written with laminated marker. Entire bet will be lost by the player in case the blackjack is won by the dealer.
  6. Instant win is possible for the player if the player will get a blackjack or 21.
  7. After doubling player can surrender.
  8. If doubling is done by the player, then the player will not get bonuses paid for five or more cards.
  9. After doubling no bonuses is paid for same suits or mixed suits like 7-7-7 or 6-7-8 respectively.
  10. After splitting or doubling, you won't get any bonuses.

Variable Rules

  1. Can play Spanish decks of 4-8.
  2. Following hole-card rule in which several possibilities are there.
  3. One or two splits are allowed.
  4. May or may not allow the resplit of aces.
  5. Only two or cards of any number will be allowed for doubling.

Hole-card rules

Blackjack will be won by the dealer when a splitting or doubling is done from the side of the player but it solely depends on the casino. New terminology is used as these rules are used only in Australia.

Pontoon is played according to the choice of the player as the casino advantage can be reduced by the players under 0.5%.