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Spanish 21

Spanish 21 Blackjack Game

No other game is like the online game of Spanish 21 blackjack because the rule of this game is totally different from the original blackjack. Number of cards used to play in this blackjack game are 48 because of the different rules from that of the original. Out of the 52 cards played in original version of blackjack, only 48 are played in Spanish 21. The reduction in the number of cards is because of the removal of 4 cards of tens which in turn provides an advantage to the house edge.

From this you can understand the reason for the unique rules found in Spanish 21 that are different from other games of blackjack. You have to aware of the highlighted rules in blue as these rules will not allow you to win in case you have double down initially itself. The player will not get any payment after splitting except for 7-7-7 suits along with the 7 of the dealers that pays a ratio of 50:1. You should learn the rules thoroughly and by learning these rules you will have the better chance to win the money.

Rules of Spanish 21 blackjack

This is a Hole-card game of America in which the dealer can see the cards of 10 and Ace. Spanish 21 blackjack is played using cards with Spanish decks of 8. The dealer should stand on the soft 17 and the blackjack of the player will beat the blackjack of the dealer. The player's total of 21 can beat the dealer's total of 21. Late surrendering is allowed to the player and can use any cards for doubling down. Re-doubling down is possible for only one time. After splitting, doubling down is allowed and after double down, you have to surrender. Four hands can be made by splitting 3 times. Re-splitting of aces is possible and in order to split the aces, you can double down and draw. Splitting can be done for 10 value cards and 5 cards with a total of 21 will pay a ratio of 3:2, 6 cards of 21 will pay you in the ratio of 2:1 and 7 or more with 21 will pay an amount of 3:1. A mixed suit of 7-7-7 or 6-7-8 can pay 3:2, same suit of 7-7-7 or 6-7-8 will pay 2:1 and the spades of 6-7-8 or 7-7-7 will pay 3:1. You will be paid 50:1 for an up card of dealer's 7 is suited with 7-7-7.

Strategies of Spanish 21 blackjack

The strategies of Spanish 21 blackjack are also different from other games of blackjack like the rules. The strategy card of this blackjack game is a bit complicated but if you understands the strategies very well, then it is easy to execute. You will get more chances to win by pressing the auto-play, if you make sure that you are learning or editing the strategy card using expert mode of the actual game.

The rules and strategies of Spanish 21 blackjack are entirely different from the conventional blackjack as it contains only 48 cards which 4 less than the conventional blackjack.