Blackjack BonusSuper Fun 21 Game

Super Fun 21

Super Fun 21 Blackjack Game

Super Fun 21 blackjack has similar rules to that of the original blackjack as it is based on original blackjack. New rules are also included in Super Fun 21 that provides entertainment to the players online. Players can win double money on five or more cards with a total of 21 and the player will win always when he gets a blackjack. Depending up on the casinos played, the house edge of this game varies. Strategy of the player also varies from 1.16%-1.40%.

Rules of Super 21 Blackjack

  1. This is an American game of hole card played with 52 cards in one deck.
  2. Player will deal with two up cards.
  3. Dealer uses an up card and a hole card.
  4. When the up card falls to be a ten or ace, then the dealer can peek.
  5. The dealer should hit on soft 17.
  6. Three times of splitting and after splitting, doubling down is also allowed to the player. In some variants, re-split of about four hands is possible.
  7. Splitting of aces is allowed for one or more times and 10 cards that are not identical also can be split by the player.
  8. The player can stop and surrender the first bet, if he has a feeling that he will not win the hand. Surrender bet is possible even when the player has already made a split, doubled down or hit.
  9. Player can play with six or more hands below 20 so that he will win automatically. In this case, even though the dealer gets a blackjack only the player will win.
  10. The payout will be in the ratio 2:1, if the player has five or more cards in hand with a total of 21.
  11. The payout will be 2:1 in the case of a diamond suit.
  12. Non-diamond suits have a payout of 3:2 in traditional blackjack but in Super Fun 21, only even money will be paid.
  13. In Super Fun 21, the blackjack of the dealer will always lose to the blackjack of the player.

Even though the Super Fun 21 blackjack has similar rules to that of the conventional blackjack, it is better to practice the game as the house edge of this game varies in each casino.